Annette at KKFI Radio KCMOAnnette is available for a number of different events and occasions, from personal appearances to voice over work.


Annette has conducted numerous workshops highlighting her journey as writer while sharing her original work throughout the presentation. She also offers workshops on grief, hope, justice and joy, etc, that present poetry as a tool for maintaining resilience through difficult life events.


Annette’s theatrical experience enables her to provide a memorable way to help celebrate a loved one’s special occasion/life event, e.g., Valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc… She is also available to write special tribute poems during times of bereavement.

Voice Overs

Known for her voice’s appeal, Annette is available to record audiobooks for authors, commercial and other audio projects. Please see video page.

Conference/Meeting Opener/Emcee

Annette, as an award-winning actress as well as a writer, can create and perform memorable openers for, and/or emcee, a variety of events.

Children Activities/StoryTeller

Annette enjoys working with school-age children and has taught poetry to children of all ages in formal and informal classroom settings. She engages children in  poetry by involving them in the creation of their own poems. She is also available to attend children’s birthday parties to read/tell stories as a unique addition to celebrations


Annette's Books

Just Shy of the Stars small Descants for a Daughter small A Net Full of Hope by Annette Hope Billings

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