Meet Annette Hope Billings - Author & Actress

Annette Hope Billings, author, poet, actressPoetry can express volumes of our lives with an economy of words.

Annette Hope Billings is an African-American Kansas poet, playwright, actress and nurse, who now offers by sharing her poetry and prose. She has written two collections of poetry, one-act plays and numerous short stories.

Annette’s readers have dubbed her "the Maya of the Midwest," a moniker she allows with all due humility and gratitude. Known for her performance delivery style, she has been received enthusiastically in many diverse venues.

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Her first book of poems, A Net Full of Hope, garnered the Topeka, Kansas, 2015 ARTSConnect Arty Award for Literature.

Her second book, Descants for a Daughter, is a collection of affirmations/meditations and very timely.

Annette's third and newest work, Just Shy of Stars, is now available!

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Annette's Books

Just Shy of the Stars small Descants for a Daughter small A Net Full of Hope by Annette Hope Billings

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